Our Story

Just as Canada is known for playing the best hockey in the world, LINE-X is known for offering the best, most durable, highest quality products and being the only franchised system to offer customers engineered, sprayed-on peace of mind.

Since 1993 LINE-X CANADA has been committed to having a positive impact in the lives of franchise owners, customers and The Great White North herself.

LINE-X began as a small family-owned company in Santa Ana, California, USA. Specializing in chemical manufacturing, we invented the industry’s first high-tech spray-on elastomer polyurea.

Like many new inventors, we had no idea how this coating would take off. For years our patented LINE-X coating safeguarded boats, buoys and big machines but still hadn’t found its niche. Until one day we discovered the perfect application. When sprayed in the bed of a truck, the coating offers just the right amount of protection and function with a great look. Quite simply, this coating was meant to be a spray-on bedliner and we were meant to provide it to the masses.

With strong physical attributes and an application technique easy to master, we had the formula for a successful system. And so the LINE-X Franchise was born.

Today LINE-X has over 450 locations in North America, including over 50 in Canada.

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